Why Subscribe.bg

Loyal customers spend 67% more on products and services than new ones. Subscribe.bg helps you get to know your clients faster and easier so you can personalize their experience and offers. Make your clients feel valued and increase repeat sales and profit. All you need is an account in Subscribe.bg.

  • Extremely fast & easy customer acquisition

  • No installations of mobile apps. No paper or plastic

  • 90%+ open rate of messages

  • Tools for customer engagement (push messages, interactive mobile coupons and more)

  • Customer behavior analytics and segmentation

  • Always in your customer’s mobile

  • More loyal clients. 15x ROI


GDPR Compliance

Our priority is to collect and process personal data with the highest levels of security and with full compliance with GDPR and local laws. Users give consent to have their personal data collected and used beforehand. That happens after they scan a QR code or click on a link to your bot. Users can easily unsubscribe anytime.

Functionalities Overview

  • Promotional campaigns with interactive coupons

  • Customer feedback via short surveys

  • Immediate customer engagement via quizzes and games 

  • Virtual loyalty card with stamps 

  • News, updates, “last minute” offers, push notifications


No installations or special skills needed.



At the price of one SMS you direct the users where you want them to be – at the physical store or on your website.


Track and analyse the campaign results in real time.


Personalize the customer experience according to their needs, behavior, interests and brand loyalty.


Environmentally friendly

Fully digital: no paper or plastic


Interactive and fun

Engage the user with interactive games, quizzes and questionnaires.